Purchase of the Raw Material – Log Wood

Production in timber machining starts with purchasing the raw material, i.e. log wood. The quantity and quality of log wood has a strong influence on the success of the subsequent processing. We turn particular attention to this issue.

Sawing to Untrimmed Boards

After getting the raw timber delivered and unloaded, it first is sawed to untrimmed boards at our sawmill. Step by step it is being turned into parquet.

Sawing According to the Intersection Scheme

The sawing is carried out with an optimal intersection scheme. Its choice depends on the required end product, the chosen size and the type of timber.

Sawing According to the Intersection Scheme

Um mögliche Makel zu beseitigen und um die Rohlinge auf bestimmte Maße zu bekommen, wird das querlaufende Trimmen der besäumten Bretter durchgeführt. Bei diesem Herstellungsschritt wird das Brett in Stücke geschnitten und die Stirnflächen erschaffen.


The trimmed boards are marked according to their type.


The boards are stockpiled for desiccation.

Production of Lamellas

The production of lamellas and solid parquet requires particular attention. During the preparation phase, the material is carefully selected and the billets are classified.


The trimmed boards are classified for further processing or for preparing the parquet for shipping.

Production of Solid Parquett

The measurements of a solid parquet board vary in length between 300 mm and 2,500 mm, in width between 70 mm and 200 mm.

Packaging of Finished Products

The packaging of the finished products is conducted according to the client’s requirements. We consider any wishes and individually choose the type of packaging with respect to the means of transport and the type of storage.

Loading and Shipping to the Client