Parquet Boards – Perfect for Allergy Sufferers

The feeling of standing on real wood is just so special. Solid parquet by VL-Holz unites many advantages. One is its thermal capability which – among other things – is reflected in a cosy foot warmth.Attention, all allergy sufferers! Runny nose, red eyes or skin rashes – many people suffer from a house dust-mite allergy. Parquet is the ideal floor cover for allergy sufferers. >>> To the solid parquet

Parquet and Dogs – a Smart Decision!

No floor cover is as natural, classy and long-lasting as parquet. The solid timber floor is robust, scratch-resistant and largely slip-proof.
If damages occur nevertheless, you still have the possibility to renew the parquet in particular places. We are sure this also appeals to the dog owner. >>> To our range of products

Parquet for Children’s Rooms – a Natural Floor

When considering which floor cover to install in the children’s room, the decision often isn’t easy. However, if you are looking for a natural, robust and at the same time noise-reducing floor, the choice of floors becomes much smaller. And the best solution can only be a solid timber floor. Therefore, we recommend parquet for children’s rooms, since this is the right floor for young feet.